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ProdPad is a Software-as-a-Service for Product Managers

Industry: SAAS / B2B / Product Management

Location: Brighton, UK | London, UK


ProdPad was a startup that quickly grew into a profitable global software business with customers on all continents. With no external funding and continued organic growth, ProdPad reached a crossroads: could they afford to make important hires to fast-track growth and better service their customers, and how would this affect their cash flows if things didn’t go to plan?

Ralston helped ProdPad make effective
investments in their growth strategy.


ProdPad’s KPI and financial data were analysed to build a detailed Financial Model and a Cash Flow Forecast. A variable hiring plan was then developed to offer guidance on compensation and for running scenario analysis on how different outcomes would affect the Company’s financial health going forward.

With a better understanding of the risks, ProdPad pulled the trigger and haven’t looked back, seeing their growth accelerate in the time since.

“We wanted to make important hires but didn’t know if and how much we could afford to invest in making this happen. The Ralston Group were instrumental in helping us make this decision. We continue to work together and can highly recommend them.”

– Janna Bastow, Co-founder & CEO

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