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Ralston delivers Strategic & Operational financial support with the help of tailored financial models

Industry: Tech, Hardware, Food & Beverage, Professional Services and more

Location: London, UK

How Ralston builds Financial Models to give you confidence, enable growth & secure investment


Most Entrepreneurs have a clear vision and roadmap for their business but need to understand and communicate this financially. A financial model is a crucial tool for Founders to map out their business, understand, forecast & communicate performance, as well to be able to make better informed investment decisions. Here are a few customer stories.

Mimica (Enterprise SAAS)

Mimica are an A.I. powered Enterprise SAAS solution to robotically automate business processes. They had a strong pilot pipeline but weren’t sure how much runway they had and whether they should raise more capital. Their main investor, Episode 1 Ventures, hired us to help them distil their cash runway in different scenarios and whether they would need more funding sooner rather than later. We delivered a tailored and user friendly model and forecast, from which Mimica decided to re-engage with their investors to raise more funds.

Zygo (Consumer Hardware)

Zygo are a manufacturer of submersible and waterproof headsets, aiming to be the Peleton of watersports. They were in final phases of prototype production and launching to market soon, but they needed a way to track their Sales and inventory/hiring costs so they could better manage their cash and working capital. We developed a streamlined and straightforward model which the non-financial founders were able to own and use. The Company subsequently launched and have relied on this model to manage their business since.

Cocoon (E-commerce / Fashion)

Cocoon are a trendy sustainable subscription service for designer handbags, allowing members to rent and resell bags rather than buy. We started by developing the Company’s investment case for their Seed funding round. The Company quickly gained traction, and needed ways to track it’s user growth, inventory, and it’s working capital. We developed a Financial Model and KPI Dashboard to allow the Company to track and forecast performance weekly, giving them the confidence to continue investing in growth.

Energy Systems Catapult (Professional Services)

ES Catapult are a large Government funded Consultancy focused on Sustainability and green initiatives. They needed to more clearly understand their labour utilisation and how it affected their profitability for different projects and in different scenarios. We delivered a comprehensive labour utilisation model which allowed the Company to visualise their performance in ways they couldn’t before. With these insights, they tweaked their team structures to become more efficient and profitable, and were then able to better budget their costs.

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