Get To Know Us.

Our mission

Ralston is a catalyst for startups to
grow with financial confidence.

Our values

At our core, Ralston operates on
Proactiveness, Diligence, Integrity, &

Our promise

We deliver tools, information, processes,
and advice to ambitious, innovative and
passionate founders.

Our vibe

At Ralston, we create clarity. You dream it
and we set numbers to the vision.


Who We Are

Like every determined startup that believes in what they’re doing, Ralston Group is dedicated to working hard and delivering at all costs. Growth is not a guarantee. Success is not a given. It takes skill to put the right financial plan together and courage to speak the hard truths. That’s what we do, day in and day out. All to ensure our efforts help send clients well past their finish line … whatever that may be.


We provide strategic financial services to startups and scales-ups that believe in what they are building and want to see themselves succeed. As a financial extension of their team, we offer expertise, fortitude and honesty in every custom strategy we provide, so that our clients and their companies can grow and thrive.


What our clients say about us

“Ralston Group helped us get clarity on crucial financial, regulatory and strategic aspects of our business, and were there when we needed them to execute on our vision!”

- Jim Moodie COO

“I can’t imagine our journey without Ralston.”

- Thibault Bouquet, Co-founder

“Ralston did an amazing job supporting our fundraise”

- Parit Patel, CFO

“Ralston is instrumental in helping us make decisions.”

- Janna Bastow, CEO & Co-Founder

“You achieved more on this in two weeks than we had in two years.”

- Domenico Crapanzano, Founder & CEO

“Ralston gives us the details we need to secure investments.”

- Rob Morris, Managing Director

Meet the team

Name: Kyle Brennan

Origin: Nebraska, USA

Specialty: Financial modeling
Talent: Owning 4 guitars and not playing an instrument.

Name: Nick Janssen

Origin: Montreal, Canada

Specialty: Enterprise Growth & Investor Readiness
Talent: Winning at Tennis and losing at Monopoly.

Name: Russell Day

Origin: London, UK

Specialty: Systems Implementation
Talent: Being a part of more charities than the rest of the team combined.

Name: Chloe Hanse

Origin: Paris, France

Specialty: FP&A
Talent: Reading a 2,000 page book while carrying it around India.

Name: Katy Akele

Origin: London, UK

Specialty: Project Management
Talent: Solving a rubik's cube in over 60 seconds...

Name: Raheem Olaniyonu

Origin: Abuja, Nigeria

Specialty: Market Research
Talent: Wearing a suit even when it's not a video call.

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